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Catch22 MAT

The Austen Academy is part of the Catch22 Multi Academies Trust


The Catch22 Multi Academies Trust is the vehicle for Catch22’s sponsorship of academies which focus on learners who can benefit from small, supportive alternative or special education provision.


The Mission statement of Catch22 Multi Academies Trust (MAT) is:


To enable young people to progress and succeed in sustained education, training or employment.

We do this through engaging young people positively with their purpose through learning and future life aspirations. All our learners achieve positive outcomes, thrive and enjoy a quality education that is delivered by skilled, passionate people with high expectations in a place that is safe, high quality and appropriate


We believe all children and young people have the capacity to learn regardless of their life situation. It is our role to unlock that learning potential. As well as providing the opportunity for young people to achieve academically, the school will provide personalised therapeutic support which will enable children and young people to build the confidence and the emotional resilience they need to manage their everyday lives, and develop the language and communication skills necessary to engage positively in the community and eventually to live an independent life through employment and further education.



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Catch22 MAT is part of the Catch22 social business Catch22 



Catch22 MAT Vision

Catch22 MAT believes that everyone needs the same three things to thrive, place, purpose and people.

We believe that access to these three basic things is fundamental to transforming lives and communities, and that it is only when these three things are in place that young people can flourish.

Our vision is a strong society where:

PEOPLE: building strong networks of people around individuals

PURPOSE: working with people to achieve their purpose in education, training or employment
PLACE: supporting people to find, retain and transition safely into homes and communities.

Our vision for the Austen Academy is to create an outstanding provision that ensures all our learners leave as confident, happy young people with high levels of self-esteem, a clear picture of their future and the wherewithal in terms of skills, qualifications, abilities and personal characteristics to achieve their ambitions and have meaningful roles in society.






Catch 22 MAT Vision

All our learners and our staff are entitled to a safe, secure, high quality and flexible environment in which to learn which is appropriate to the needs of all site users and reflects local community needs.

Our education provision is tailored to meet the complex and diverse needs of our learners, removing barriers to learning and achieving best outcomes as they progress through education and transition into adult life

All our young people are entitled to access passionate, skilled, trustworthy adults inspiring high expectations and aspiration in their learners.

The Austen Academy Vision

New purpose-built school providing high quality environment with minimal distraction and suitable break out rooms as necessary.

Individualised curriculum based on National Curriculum with interventions to assist students manage their emotional regulation, social understanding and sensory needs

Enthusiastic and well-trained staff who have high aspirations for all the learners and will develop positive relationships with them.An ethos which encourages all people to be the best they can be.


Catch22 MAT Ethos

Supporting learners through small, supportive alternative or special education provision.

Our eight academy schools cater for young people aged 4-16yrs who are outside of mainstream education. We embody our vision in all we do to ensure our pupils are supported fully to achieve their goals.

We provide young people with alternative and special education in order for them to progress and succeed in sustained education or employment. We do this through high quality teaching and learning based on effective relationships that enable the achievement of life skills and meaningful qualifications. We believe all children and young people have the capacity to learn regardless of their life situation. It is our role to unlock that learning potential. We apply our methodology to open the door to learning and to re-engage excluded or marginalised young people, whose attainment has fallen behind their peers in mainstream education. We provide excellent support and opportunities for young people in special schools to achieve and progress to their full potential.