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The Academy will offer full time education and therapeutic support to 128 pupils aged Year 1 to Year 11;  with Social Communication Needs (SCN) associated with a diagnosis of Autism; who cannot be adequately supported to access education in mainstream schools.

Children should show evidence of general intellectual ability within the range normally catered for in a mainstream school. The priority area of difficulty must be a diagnosis of Autism or complex SCN and not primarily arising from moderate or specific learning difficulties. Children with severe challenging behaviour s will not normally be considered for placement at The Austen Academy.  A child will only be given a placement only when it is compatible with the interests of the child and of other children currently attending the school. 

 Children attending The Austen Academy should not be dependent on intensive therapeutic support.

 Children who will be offered places will have been assessed as likely to respond to programmes of intervention provided within the resources of the school. 


For a young person to be admitted, the school must be named, by a local authority, in the child’s Education Health and Care Plan (‘EHCP’). Catch22 will collaborate with the Hampshire County Council’s SEN team to ensure that the school is the right place for the prospective pupil. Parents wishing their children to benefit from our provision should contact their case officer at Hampshire County Council.


For entry to the school, the local education SEN team should be contacted as they are in charge of place allocation.

 To visit the school please call the school office and a place on an after school tour can be arranged.


 Please refer to our Admissions policy for more detail.